Norcia Workshop: Mental Health and Natural Disaster

May 25 – 27, 2018

The new Italian National Trauma Center (INTC) sponsored by the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma (HPRT) and the National Italian-American Foundation (NIAF) will sponsor a workshop for medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, and pharmacists serving the survivors of the recent Central Italian Earthquake. Health care practitioners primarily from Norcia will be invited to attend. Health care practitioners from other provinces are also welcome to attend.

A brief initial needs assessment of the mental health needs of the local health care practitioners will be developed. A curriculum based on the needs assessment will be taught by an expert team from Harvard in partnership with Italian experts and with the full support of local health authorities and the Protezione Civile (PC). The Harvard-Italian Team will conduct the workshop in Italian. The workshop will begin with a dinner Friday night, May 25th, followed by one and a half days of intensive training ending at 1:00pm, Sunday, May 27th.

The mission of the first annual training in Norcia is to:

  • Teach mental health principles for the medical and psychiatric care of post-disaster earthquake survivors (adults, children, and elderly).
  • Teach mental health diagnosis and treatment based upon Harvard’s 11 Point Toolkit.
  • Promote self-care practitioners’ health and wellbeing.
  • Organize online supervision.

This mission will be achieved through lectures, demonstration and clinical case discussion of real-life patients. Each health care practitioner will receive the Italian version of the 11 Point Toolkit. The latter is a self-learning manual in Italian for the health and mental health approach to traumatized patients.

After this training the local health care practitioners will be organized into monthly telemedicine clinical conferences conducted in Italian by the Harvard-Italian Team for two years. The Harvard-Italian Team includes Italian and Harvard Experts in psychiatry, psychopharmacology, adult and child psychology, and telemedicine. The workshop will begin with a dinner on Friday, May 25th. Followed by one and a half days of training and clinical case discussion. The local participants will receive two years of online supervision using Zoom’s online videoconference services, supervised by HPRT’s telemedicine expert.

Organizers include:

  • Giampiero Rosati - Director, Italian National Trauma Center
  • Sonia Graziano, PhD - Director, Harvard-Italian Team
  • Richard F. Mollica, MD, MAR - Director, Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, Harvard Medical School

Contact Information:
Giampiero Rosati
Phone: (+39) 0763.217314.

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